6th Grade Spanish

March 13th-Students will be taking a quiz on the ar verbs next week first class..
Feb 11th- Students are learning a very difficult important concept. We took notes and students learned 20 new verbs. They will be tested on the meanings of these verbs, second class after break.

Jan 26th- Students will be completing their vhlcentral homework and taking a quiz on the 15 vocab words from the first column that we practiced and highlighted today. Students need to be able to spell the shorter words. 2nd class this week.

Students have one last worksheet to turn in for this qtr. We have started the next unit and our first homework that is due is vhlcentral.com due first class next week.

Jan 7th- Students will be taking their first unit test. Next week first class. They have a study guide, their notes,
Vhl central, and vocabulary.

Students need to turn in their 5 pgs of notes this week and they have the back of this weeks homework for next week..
Students have learned how to tell time in Spanish. 1st class next week they have a time worksheet 7 front only due.

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