5th grade just started their Food Unit. Review the vocabulary attached below.

5.1 Assessment after spring break!
Brown/Leach - Monday, March 14th
Cook/Lowery - Tuesday, March 15th
Joseph/Warner and Burdick/Burns - Wednesday, March 16th
Use the intro powerpoint and studyguide below to study!

Dec. 17th -5th Grade Gustar Quiz after the holiday break!
Joseph/Warner and Cook/Lowery QUIZ - Thursday, January 7th
Brown/Leach and Burdick/Burns QUIZ - Friday, January 8th
Class notes and Study guide attached (answer key is at bottom of doc.)

Oct 25th- Time to make Sugar skulls and celebrate the Day of the Dead. Please bring in 1/2 cup of sugar.

October 16th

Homework: STUDENTS ARE TAKING THEIR 1ST QUIZ NEXT WEEK: MON/TUES/WED I have given them a page of notes and a study guide.
Here is a study sheet.
Please make sure your child has a folder with paper. I sent home the syllabus and attached it her as well.

5-1 oral quiz


5th Grade Pages
Unit 5-5-Countries

Map Links with CapitalsSouth Americahttp://www.infoplease.com/atlas/southamerica.html
Central Americahttp://www.zonu.com/detail-en/2009-11-16-11112/Political-division-of-Central-America-2007.html
Carribean Islandshttp://go.grolier.com/atlas?id=mgwr006&tn=/atlas/printerfriendly.html