4th Grade Spanish

March 13th- Students have begun their food projects. I sent home last week the project sheet with the 5 choices. Kids need a written piece, a speaking piece, and the food is optional.. These projects are due the week of March 23rd.

Feb 11th- Students will be expected to know their 7 drinks after break! El cafe, el agua, el jugo de naranja, el jugo de manazana, la leche, el chocolate caliente, las bebidas,

Jan 26th- Students received their tests back this week so please check them out. We are beginning our food unit and will be starting with drinks. Students have the choice to design a small drink project with the drinks they have learned. They can bring a drink in or do a taste test or create a drink to share. There are no guidelines as they decide how they will teach the class. new vocab attached..
Jan 6th- Students will be taking a unit test first class next week on clothing. I passed out the review this week and we went over the answers and we will do review games as well.

Dec 2nd Students have started their dress rehearsal for the fashion show. I am seeing some students very stressed because they have not memorized and practiced their lines. Monday and Tuesday 12:30 in the media center and Wed 12:50 in the media center. We will also be videotaping this and posting it on here.

Nov 25th
Students have been preparing for their fashion show. They will be preforming them on December 8th thru Dec 11th at 12:45 in the media center if you wish to attend. Please practice with your child so they are able to say their lines. Also we will start to prepare for our unit test. Students must study their vocab words and next week they will receive another study guide.

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